Life Transformation with Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks

20 years ago, at the height of his career and as one of the world’s most respected hypnotherapists and trainers, Stephen Brooks gave everything away to friends and family and went to meditate in the jungles of northern Thailand.

He meditated for 6 hours a day for 9 years.

His quest was to find the root cause of all suffering and to create a therapy to deal with it. What he discovered was beyond his own expectations – a new way of living that transforms all suffering into freedom and a new approach to psychotherapy that dissolves lifelong problems within minutes.

A Buddhist approach to psychotherapy

Stephen Brooks uses a specific set of principles as core treatment for problems, these are based on Buddhist psychology techniques taught by Buddha over 2600 years ago.

Stephen’s approach is based on the concept that all problems are maintained and reinforced by attachment. Through discussion Stephen rewrites the way the brain processes thoughts and feelings by creating new synaptic connections in the brain and over-writing previous neural pathways. He does this by creating non attachment to problems through a series of therapeutic negotiations at the unconscious level.

Stephen achieves a similar result to cognitive therapy and mindfulness training but within minutes rather than months and he focuses on the positive consequences of these rapid and powerful changes.

The change are verifiable by the client and others during his teaching, and the changes are usually permanent. To date no other teaching or psychotherapy can claim the same immediate results.

Stephen’s teaching is a practical evidence-based self-help experience that removes attachment to emotions or feelings associated with psychological problems.

Future Focused Therapy Course Accreditation

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) is the largest independent accrediting body for hypnotherapy training courses in the UK and represents more than 140 affiliated professional bodies & training schools.

The GHSC recognises Stephen’s Practitioner Diploma in Future Focused Hypnotherapy as an Advanced Practitioner training and on completion our students are eligible for membership to the General Hypnotherapy Register.

The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) is a membership association for qualified hypnotherapists. It is managed by the GHSC and represents more than 3,000 hypnotherapists from the UK and 35 other countries.

The GHR is major source of information about practicing hypnotherapists for the public.

Upon graduation our students are eligible for membership.

Non Attachment as a Psychotherapy with Stephen Brooks

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Early Beginnings

Stephen became a Buddhist while still at school in the mid 1960’s and started attending Buddhism courses at the Buddhist Society in Eccleston Square in London where he first met His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his first visit to England in the early 1970’s. After two years at St Martins School of Art and a few years as a professional musician Stephen became a hypnotherapist and in 1979 founded the British Hypnosis Research Association at the University of Cambridge. The BHRA started teaching Ericksonian Hypnotherapy courses in 1986 and was the UK’s major training organisation teaching Ericksonian Hypnotherapy until Stephen left the UK to meditate in the mountains of northern Thailand in the late 1990’s.

What is Non Attachment?

Non attachment is a Buddhist principle where people choose to not attach to things that cause suffering. In it’s spiritual sense this applies to both positive and negative things. It is different from detachment as detachment requires attachment as a pre-requisite. So non attachment is the practice of not attaching in the first place. After 8 years of meditation Stephen created a way to apply the principle of non attachment as a psychotherapy. This works regardless of whether a person is a Buddhist or not, or whether they even believe it will work, as the approach creates new synaptic connections in the brain preventing the re-experiencing of old ways of thinking.

Future Focused Therapy Diploma

Stephen’s Future Focused Therapy Practitioner Diploma takes place every August at Birkbeck College in London and includes hypnosis within the extensive syllabus and is a widely recognised professional training program for hypnotherapists. The course includes one year of online study, which is also available separately for distance learners. This Practitioner Diploma course is fully accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council as an Advanced Practitioner Training, one of only three such courses recognised by the Council. Most of the Ericksonian hypnotherapists practicing in the UK qualified on Stephen’s course. The first course ran in 1986 and has been taught at over 20 hospitals and universities. It now runs at Birkbeck College (please see the ‘courses’ menu).