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Stephen Brooks' Future Focused Therapy Training

Future Focused Therapy Training


The Practitioner Diploma in Future Focused Hypnotherapy is taught at Birkbeck College at the University of London every August with the online distance learning component lasting one year.

It attracts students from many countries and is seen as one of the most comprehensive and respected training courses in the world.

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

Future Focused Hypnotherapy Training and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) is the largest independent accrediting body for hypnotherapy training courses in the UK and represents more than 140 affiliated professional bodies & training schools.

The GHSC recognises our Practitioner Diploma in Future Focused Hypnotherapy as an Advanced Practitioner training and on completion our students are eligible for membership to the General Hypnotherapy Register.

The General Hypnotherapy Register

Future Focused Hypnotherapy Training and the General Hypnotherapy Register

The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) is a membership association for qualified hypnotherapists. It is managed by the GHSC and represents more than 3,000 hypnotherapists from the UK and 35 other countries.

The GHR is major source of information about practicing hypnotherapists for the public.

Upon graduation our students are eligible for membership.

British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute

The British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute

The BHRTI oversees the training standards of the Practitioner Diploma in Future Focused Hypnotherapy offered by Stephen Brooks. It also issues the Diplomas and Certificates to students upon graduation. The BHRTI is also responsible for setting and monitoring the code of ethical standards that course graduates follow.

The BHRTI board comprises academics and medical professionals vastly experienced in both the theory and practical application of Hypnosis and Counselling.

The current board members are as follows:

Dr. Jose Luis Sanchez Izquierdo

Dr Matthias Kaiser PhD

Dr Mansoor Ali Beg

Dr Suren Surenthiran, FRCP, FRCS, MSc MD

Dr Andrew Bradford MD

Course Trainer - Stephen Brooks

Future Focused Hypnotherapy Training – Trainer Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks is our senior trainer and is responsible for writing and designing our courses and is one of the world’s leading authorities on indirect hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

He is credited with pioneering the use of Ericksonian hypnosis and establishing Hypnotherapy Diploma Courses in 27 British hospitals and universities.

He is best known for demonstrations of ‘live hypnotherapy’ with patients in front of groups of students as he finds this the best way to explain what he does.

Live demonstrations of hypnotherapy mirrors what would happen in an actual therapy session so this is why he prefers to teach this way.

Stephen teaches our Practitioner Diploma in Future Focused Hypnotherapy.

A complete biography is available here.

Our Mission Statement

Future Focused Hypnotherapy Training – Our Mission Statement

To teach with integrity, and commitment to excellence, the skills and techniques of Stephen Brooks’ Future Focused Therapy as an approach to hypnotherapy and counselling.


  1. To provide skill based training for healthcare professionals and anyone considering a career in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and related fields.
  2. To promote the potential of Future Focused Hypnotherapy as a means of helping people with physical and psychological problems.
  3. To continuously research improvements in the efficacy of these techniques for psychotherapy, counselling and health care.

Our Code of Ethics

Future Focused Hypnotherapy Training Code of Ethics

The question of ethical practice in Future Focused Hypnotherapy is paramount and a matter on which Stephen Brooks places emphasis. The key principles are summarised below.

  1. The highest standards of personal integrity are expected of students and graduates at all times.
  2. Students and graduates have a responsibility always to promote the dignity, privacy, autonomy and safety of all clients, patients and others with whom they come into contact.
  3. Students and graduates should avoid any action which places the client or patient at risk.
  4. All members of the hypnotherapy profession have an individual responsibility to maintain their own level of professional competence and each must strive to improve and update their knowledge and skills.
  5. Students and graduates must acknowledge the boundaries of their competence and the limit of their experience.

The full Code of Ethics can be downloaded here.


Future Focused Hypnotherapy Training FAQ

What are your entrance requirements?

  • We prefer applicants to have a degree or equivalent vocational qualification from the caring professions, but this is not obligatory.
  • Places are available for students without qualifications who have a serious interest in hypnotherapy or those intending to start a new career in the field.

Where is the course held?

  • The course is held at Birkbeck College, University of London, Malet Street  in central London. The nearest tube is Russell Square.

Is there accommodation at the college during the summer school?

How many hours a week do I need to study the online part of the course?

  • Most students commit to between 3 – 5 hours of study per week.

Can I take more than one year to finish the online part of the training?

  • Although most students complete within one year, you will have up to three years to complete the online part of the course. The modular format allows you to miss modules and return later.

Does the course qualify me to practice as a hypnotherapist?

  • Yes the course is a vocational qualification recognized by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

When will I be able to start practicing as a hypnotherapist?

  • If you are already working with clients or patients in one of the caring professions and are allowed to add hypnosis to your skill base you can start to integrate the course techniques as you progress through the course.
  • If you intend practicing privately as a hypnotherapist you can start seeing patients once you have qualified from the course.

Can I pay for the course by installments?

Yes, we can accept payment by installments. Applicants can enroll with a small deposit to secure a place followed by 30% of the course fee before commencing study. The balance can then be paid in monthly installments over the following year. All applicants paying by installments must sign a legally binding contract.

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Accredited Training Courses

Our courses are accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council – earn a recognised Diploma, Certificate and CPD credits.

Established in 1979

We have been teaching indirect Ericksonian hypnotherapy for over 35 years and are highly experienced in what we do.

Trainer - Stephen Brooks

All courses are personally taught by Stephen Brooks – one of the world’s most respected experts in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.